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Job seekers immediately grasp the power of TRANSFR's hands-on, immersive trainings, as shared with us by actual trainees:

“I like being able to learn from my mistakes in VR to better prepare me for the real thing.”

“I enjoyed the hands-on interaction. It allows you to more actively participate, which for me, results in a better understanding of material.”

Making a Difference at Lockheed Martin

Getting a good job with growth potential at a company like Lockheed Martin, an aerospace, defense, arms, security, and advanced technologies company, is life-changing for many. Training is critical to be offered such a job. To be hired, candidates must have the skills needed to do their work well.

In partnership with AIDT and Lockheed Martin, TRANSFR developed a training program that harnessed the power of VR and promoted precision measurement content. This specialized program provided hands-on experience, feedback, and a data-driven approach to mastery.

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Increase Job Retention and Skills Development

In this pilot study, 90% of TRANSFR-trained employees placed with Lockheed Martin retained their jobs after one year.

TRANSFR trainees credited the unique combination of technology and one-on-one training with rapid attainment of skills:

  • Average increase in job proficiency from 82.6% to 91.1%
  • Subsequent cohorts achieved proficiency increases as high as 38.2%
  • 80% of trainees say that TRANSFR’s immersive training is engaging
  • 75% of TRANSFR trainees prefer the virtual reality approach to traditional methods
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Middle Class Jobs Are the Heart of Successful Communities

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