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"Everyone should go through this training as they should go through all of the troubleshooting steps before picking up the phone to call maintenance."

- Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Team Member

Training the Next Generation of Workforce at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing

TRANSFR’s proven model for developing advanced auto and manufacturing talent through simulation-based training in VR is helping create a talent pipeline at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing.

The program focused on training robot doctors to maintain the paint robots in the new facility. TRANSFR's VR-based training was field-tested with Mazda Toyota employees to:

  1. Determine if simulation-based training in VR could effectively train new hires
  2. Understand how new hires would experience VR training
This program demonstrated that TRANSFR's training was able to upskill trainees with great efficacy, provide a learning experience that boosted the confidence of trainees, and provided a scalable training environment that did not require access to cost-prohibitive equipment.

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46% Improvement‎

In troubleshooting time

$22K Saved per Minute

In reduced time troubleshooting

54% Increase in Learning

through TRANSFR

Building an Industry-Driven Training Experience

When Mazda Toyota Manufacturing established their new site in Huntsville, Alabama, they were presented with a unique staffing challenge:

  • The site needed 4,000 skilled workers in the next 2 years
  • Mazda Toyota Manufacturing needed workers with skills in advanced automotive and manufacturing for machines with which there is no in-house expertise and machines that are cost-prohibitive to use in training.

With a short timeline and rigorous skills required, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing turned to TRANSFR for help.

Read the case study to learn about the outcomes of this partnership and how TRANSFR is helping transform the future of workforce training.

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